The password for all videos is "savethedate" (but in all lowercase)

This is the location we’ll be transforming into a post office.

This is the location we will be transforming into Kevin’s Loft.

This is where we are going to shoot the Art Gallery scenes in the movie.

This is the Echoplex.  We will be using this as our main club location (and will need to make it feel smaller).

This is The Smell.  We’ll be using this club for it’s exteriors, for Clubs #2 + #3, and for all the backstage scenes.

Note to self.

"I believe that the best cameraman is one who recognizes the source, the story, as the basis of his work."

- James Wong Howe

Scene 41

This is a quick test for the shot we’d like to get for Scene 41.  We’re going to have to set up a special rig in the back of Elisha’s pickup truck in order to get it safely. 

Lizzy also will not be able to wear sunglasses here, or else we will see the reflection of the rig.

This is the location I’m hoping we can get for Sarah’s first apartment.  Out the front window you can actually see the pier we’re hoping to shoot on too.

If we’re able to get this place, we will have to carefully ND the windows on the day so that we can see the great view (so they aren’t totally blown out).

In the picture that I’m in - the little mini-office behind me will be turned into a closet, and we’ll be shooting the “bedroom” scene in the script in this main living room.

We would also film the scene of Sarah and Beth loading the truck right out front, parallel to those garage doors.

Bloody Noses

One of the characters gets punched in the face.  It should be realistic, but on the subtler side.

This one’s a little too smudgey:

This one seems closer (and I just love his expression):

In the later scenes, he should have some kind of bruising and maybe even bits of toilet paper shoved up there:

It basically needs to be just severe enough to be comical later, but totally realistic.  Think eeeew and not holy shit.

San Pedro - general


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